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Strip Poker is a poker game which is limited only to adults. In this game, poker is played for clothes instead of cash. At the start of the game, one can play with cash but as the cash runs out completely, then the bet starts on clothes. Different wear will have different bets. A sock worth’s only one bet whereas a shirt worth’s more. If the player loses, all his clothes should be removed. So this is strictly an adult game and players should be aware of the consequences of the game.

There are loads of free strip poker games online. Many websites offer these games for free. There is no sign up fee for this cadre. Strip poker games are of many versions and are classified into two types. They are couple games and group games. Couple games have a better version compared to the group games.

Couple games are more erotic which have no limitation. The player who lost all their clothes is the loser. Couple games offer more fun as they are exclusively designed for the lovers. Rules are kept flexible in this version. Single chips with different colors are offered to represent the multiples of the chip. The small blind should be set at 2 chips and big blind at 5 chips. Also foreplay activities should be included prior to the game. A number of intensively stimulating activities should be listed and followed throughout the game. The partner with more number of fantasies is awarded. These fantasies also make the game much more pleasurable. When each player gets more aroused, the chances of letting all the chips at once are minimal. The player now tempts even more with their small bets and this will offer more fun.

Group games have different set of rules. The game continues till all the players get naked except one. The remaining one player is declared as the winner and is rewarded. A deal of 5 cards is standard and 3 cards are allowed to exchange with the new ones. The loser will strip their clothes one by one. Naked players can continue the play bearing many penalties. Different types of garments are valued differently. Normal garments will value less while the under garments will value more. A stripped off garment is never again allowed in the game. The fun of this game is immense when a liquor session goes parallel with it. The uniqueness of this game is after running out of money, there is no need for taking chips from the bank. Instead of chips, clothes are valued. Even the game offers more fun; there is a downside in this. Complete stripping is possible only in front of friends. Slow stripping in front of strangers is never easy. The player will feel shy and instead of fun, the player will be more timid. It is always advisable to play this game with best buddies, before whom you don’t mind to strip off the clothes and enjoy the game.